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We want Trustees!

Following the success of the first event, I have been doing some work behind the scenes to get some of the 2020 events organised, seek out some sponsorship opportunities and setting up the New to Dunedin Network into a trust.

Why make the New to Dunedin Network a trust?

Making the New to Dunedin Network its own organisation means a few things:

- We can start seeking sponsorship for events, and keep any funds in its own account (not my personal account)

- It ensure the New to Dunedin Network acts in the interests of people settling into Dunedin, and not for my own personal gain

- It creates continuity. If for any reason I get busy , get sick, leave the city or just run out of time to do this, the New to Dunedin network can continue with the team.

- It keeps the admin of NDN much tidier than in my head and my laptop bag (seriously, my bag is a mess!)

What kind of people are we looking for?

- People who are new to Dunedin or have had experience settling into Dunedin (you know our target market)

- Able and willing to help organise and run events

- People to help with marketing and promotion of events through social media, the website and word of mouth

- Ability to work honestly and act in the interests of the New to Dunedin Network

What will the trustees do?

- Govern the New to Dunedin Network with it's operations and strategy

- help with the day to day running of the organisation (organising events, financial management, running the website and social media accounts)

Will you get paid for this?

Unfortunately these roles will be voluntary, but are not expected to take a significant amount of personal time (1-2 hours a week on average). I'll try and pay for your time in beer and pizza.

What's in it for you?

- You get to give the new to Dunedin Network direction

- More opportunities to meet and work with some great local people and businesses

- Great experience on the CV

Want to know more? get in touch with Cory at

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