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Top 10 Places for Coffee

I love coffee and enjoy catching up with people over a coffee. The setting is often relaxed, and the chat is often informative and casual. The best part is that it is not a time intensive thing. You can take as little as 20 minutes, or as long as a few hours. This is why I often encourage people to make connections over a coffee. Here are a few of our current faves in no particular order.

Good Earth Cafe

For nice and natural foods

The Good Earth Cafe has been a go-to for catching up with friends, especially when we have been going through clean-eating diets. Being close to the University also makes it a great spot to catch up with University staff and students.

Kuku Coffee Otepoti

Would you like some vinyl with your flat white?

If you live near Caversham, make a visit to this new coffee roaster. Chill out with coffee roasted on site, and listen to some of Jared's eclectic record collection. If you want food, the offerings are limited to some fair trade chocolate. But the coffee alone is worth it.

Otago Museum Cafe

Our family friendly pick

For those with a young family, the Otago Museum is probably a familiar spot. The cafe there is spacious, with a park right outside - ideal for when you have the family in tow.

Vanguard Coffee

For the caffeine aficionado

Vanguard Coffee has been a shining light in Dunedin's coffee scene in recent years, and have really taken the coffee experience to a different state. Not only do you have the choice to how you want your coffee made, but you can also request from their selection of various roasts. It is no wonder why this cafe is bringing life to Princes Street in the weekends.

Governors Cafe

A Dunedin Institution

As you head along George Street, go to the northern end of the shops opposite Knox Church. There you will find Governors Cafe, which has been an institution in Dunedin since the 1970's. The mix of students gives it a young vibe, yet is a great coffee and brunch spot for all locals.

Vogel Street

Pick a place, you can't really go wrong

Vogel Street has become a hub for great cafes, ranging from Precinct at the south end, through to the Kind Grocer at the north end. The coffees are all great, but my pick for the best food would be Precinct.

Union Co

A charmer in Port Chalmers

Union Co is worth the drive to Port Chalmers. Whether it's a well made coffee or the freshly baked food. These guys have tried using local ingredients and suppliers in their offering, including Holy Cow milk, and Beam me up Bagels from North East Valley.

Morning Magpie

Hipster caffeination

Located on lower Stuart Street among some great second hand and gift stores is Morning Magpie. The place has a really eclectic vibe, with quirky artworks and seating you remember from your Nana's house. But they make great coffee & food, which makes it a popular spot for CBD workers on their morning commute.

Buster Greenes

Elevating the cafe food scene in Dunedin

We recently went to Buster Greens and found the menu to be amazing. Not only was their coffee good, but their service and food was on point. From their own home-made crumpets to delightful food presentation. While some may think the pricing is a it high for a meal, it's worth the visit for a coffee and light bite to eat.

Nicols Garden Centre

Family & dog friendly and great coffee

Situated in the Nicols Garden Centre, the cafe is a great meeting spot that's not in the city. The cafe serves great food, has a playground for the children and a good range of seating options. Our only tip is to get in early as the cafe fills up past 10am in weekends with queues out the door.

Where are your favourite coffee spots in Dunedin? Let us know in the comments.

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