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Meet the People - Cory & Melanie

With the event coming up Wednesday, now is a time to introduce some of the people coming so you know at least one person before the event. Meet Cory and Melanie.

"We moved to Dunedin in 2016 and found it hard to settle into a new city in our 30's. This year we started the New to Dunedin Network to help others new to the city with settling in and making connections. When we aren't working or organising events, you'll find us exploring Dunedin's food scene, sweating it out at our local gym or paddleboarding on the harbour. Come and say hi - we look forward to meeting you on Wednesday."

If you haven't got your tickets for the launch event, get them now. Wednesday 20th November 5:30pm-7pm, Lonestar Cafe & Bar. Free tickets

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