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How to Benefit from an Event

The New to Dunedin Network Launch event is coming up in two weeks, which is a free event to help people meet each other. Want to know more? Have a look on the events page.

There will be many people out there thinking this event isn't for them as they hate networking events. I can understand that as many networking events seem to be about either the "usual's" catching up, someone trying to sell you stuff or just a competition to pair up with the most influential people in the room.

We want to be different. The purpose of these events is to get people to meet each other, get to know the person (not their role), find some common interests with others and build a connection out of the event.

How Will We do that?

1. Finding Common Ground

At the event, we will facilitate discussion through ice-breaking and being a friendly face. We know that if you like football, chances are there's some others in the room who like the same. If you have never visited Larnach Castle, there will be others like you in the room.

2. Have Chats

So now you know about some general common ground with people and you might have spotted some people with a few common things. Go and say hi. We encourage you to take a risk and say hello. Introduce yourself and if you know about those common interests, say so.

3. Connection Cards

We made business cards with a difference. The cards have space to put your name and contact details to swap with others for making contact outside of the event. By swapping cards, you have a connection to follow up with. Please do follow up, even if it is a "hey, great to meet you at the event"

4. We encourage Follow Up

After the event, we'd like to see people make plans to catch up for a coffee, lunch or some kind of activity. If you have children, it might be setting up a play-date for the children. As much as this sounds like making a date in Tinder, it is a great way to build up a friendship.

5. We Want Your Feedback

The New to Dunedin Network is only going to succeed if the events are relevant and people attend. That means we want to hear from you about how you find this event, what you would like to see or hear about at events. Even what you would like to do at events. Maybe you want a more social setting where people can have a drink and chat. Currently the format of events is open-ended, meaning I want to hear about your ideas and input on what would make you turn up*

If you are interested in the event, RSVP on the home page. I look forward to meeting you all on the 20th of November.

Nga mihi,


*I know free food and drinks is a good seller for getting people to turn up. Am working on that for future events

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