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An Intro to New to Dunedin Network

The New to Dunedin Network website and social media pages have been up for a week now, and the response from people has been fantastic. But I have been asked by some, "What is the network about?"

The New to Dunedin Network is designed as an initiative to support people who are new or settling into Dunedin to connect with locals (both new and existing), in an effort to make them feel more welcome and establish roots in Dunedin.

Why do people need help connecting?

From personal experience and from hearing of others experiences, settling into a new city is a difficult and often isolating process. Many people uproot and leave their existing community when they move to a new city. When they arrive, they find it difficult to meet people, make friends and even find local support services we take for granted. This can lead to feelings of stress, isolation and feeling unwelcome from not having a local support network.

Why support people new to Dunedin? Don't they take our jobs and make our traffic worse?

Bringing new people to Dunedin is a positive thing. Firstly, it often means more ratepayers, meaning there is more money for keeping our roads, water infrastructure and amenities maintained.

These people bring in new talent and ideas to organisations in the city that may not otherwise have been available locally. In many cases, the young professionals returning to Dunedin are turning around the natural departure of young graduates that leave Dunedin after graduation or a few years of work experience.

What will the New to Dunedin Network do to help?

The primary aim is to help people make connections and take steps towards building their own support network in Dunedin. We are currently looking at doing this with events where people can meet each other, find common ground and make plans to follow up outside of the event to catch up.

Is there a specific demographic you are targeting?

There isn't a specific demographic we are targeting and welcome people to attend if they feel it could be helpful for them. People of all ages are moving to Dunedin and are welcome to come to NDN events.

So what next?

Come along to our free launch event at Lonestar Cafe & Bar on 20 November. This will be a chance to make new connections.


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