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About Us

Our Story

I believe in connecting people new to Dunedin with others to build meaningful professional and personal networks. NDN - New to Dunedin Network provides exactly that in an inclusive, friendly and comfortable setting, instead of stuffy networking events.

After moving to Dunedin in 2016, I learned that not only is Dunedin a great city to live and work in, it is a difficult place to make new friends and connections.  I want to change that so that people who move to Dunedin feel welcome and can bring their talents to help grow the city.

The New to Dunedin Network started in 2019, with an after-work drinks event that attracted 30 people.  Contact details were swapped, plans were made, and friendships were developed.  Since then, we have hosted several other events, including dinners, group walks, drinks and guest talks.  Previous attendees have gone on to make friends through the network and give back through helping with events.

Our values are:


- Respect & Understanding

- Approachability

- Connectivity

In late 2020, we launched a Facebook group, that enables anyone in the network to reach out, ask for recommendations or invite others to do something socially.  We made this move to put the power of connecting back to our members. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to build new relationships and find your "Dunedin tribe". Don’t forget to RSVP to upcoming events, join our Facebook group, and feel free to reach out with any questions or to catch up over a coffee.

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